Flowers for a Vagabond + MeMeMe Cosmetics partner for MBFWA

The collaborations that develop for MBFWA are always intriguing, always exciting. And so when MeMeMe Cosmetics announced they would be partnering with up-and-coming label Flowers for a Vagabond, it sent shivers of anticipation down my spine.

Above: Flowers for a Vagabond’s Morphed Power Dress featured in Tangent Magazine.
Above: a runway look from 2011.

Designer and founder Toby Maclean has been widely noted as ‘one to watch’, thanks to his exceptional skill in fabric selection, a talent for deliciously detailed garments and a penchant for dark, moody draping. The 2012 collection is expected to be more thrilling than ever, with the addition of intense detail and brilliant splashes of colour.

Above: The designer posted a sneak peek at their mood board for Fashion Week. The silver fringing alone has me tingling in excitement.

The collaboration with MeMeMe Cosmetics couldn’t be more fitting. Both parties are known for their innovation, strong sense of style and edgy aesthetic. The words “intense” “feminine” “creative” “bold” and “powerful” could be used to describe either.

Above: Nardivile for Flowers for a Vagabond.

It’s the first foray into Australian Fashion Week for MeMeMe Cosmetics, whose involvement will be led by top Australian Makeup Artist Nicola Burford. “I’m so excited to be working with MeMeMe for the Flowers for a Vagabond MBFWA 2012 collection,” she said. “The textures and colour palette available are just perfect for the look I’m creating and it’s great to be able to show off MeMeMe’s makeup on their first Australian fashion week collaboration.”

Above: The designer hinted at what we can expect, saying “Summer 2012/13 is all about the contrasts for us. Bright versus dark, silk fringing versus leather.”

So, will MeMeMe’s runway looks be feminine and fresh, strong and smoky, edgy and dark, or will they completely rewrite the rule book with something completely left-field? All I know is, their intensely pigmented, beautifully textured, heavenly products will provide a solid basis for whatever makeup looks they choose to send down the runway. And I, for one, will be watching closely, and taking notes.

Above: another sneak peek from the designer, posted yesterday “The racks in the showroom are getting crowded with samples for Tuesday’s show!”

This collaboration is sure to create fireworks at fashion week. The flowers For a VagabOnd presentation will be held on Tuesday May 1st at 11am in the new conceptual space The Box.

What’s your favourite fashion week collaboration so far? What looks are you excited to see on the runway? Let me know!

Rosie xox

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