30 Days of Lippy!

Alright. I admit it. I’ve been in a bit of a lipstick rut lately. Don’t scowl at me like that! I realised this because I was sent a red lipstick by the gorgeous ladies at Sax Cosmetics on Wednesday for Kiss Goodbye to MS Day and I realised I hadn’t worn red lipstick in… ummm… months. This realisation brought me screaming to my senses and got me chatting with the lovely Kimberley of Pop Couture (who’s been in a little bit of a lipstick rut herself and is challenging herself – and others – to branch out in their lippy choices.)

This has become my standard makeup uniform. Smoky eyes and a nude lip. Don’t get me wrong… It works for me. I like it, but beauty is meant to be fun, and about experimentation! And for me usually it is, but “I’ve just been busy!” Which is absolutely no excuse. I know.

The lipstick that got me thinking. (It’s called Classic Red. I KNOW! Gorgeous right?!)

I can’t tell you how great it felt to be wearing a bright red lipstick again. I got so many compliments, so many people told me that they loved my lip colour, that I should wear bright lipstick more often, that my face was lighter and how different I looked. And so Kimberley @MissPopC and I got talking. A lot. About ways to change up our routines and force some fresh lippy into them! Suddenly more people were joining in the conversation and asking “how?” and “when?”

Being the annoyingly organised and compulsively creative person that I am, I decided to make a list. To force us to bust our lipstick ruts. Repeat after me:

I will not wear the same colour three days in a row.
I will not sit idly by while a new purchase gathers dust at the bottom of my makeup bag.
I will not “forget” that I own purple lipstick.
I will not be afraid to wear a red lip!
I will not be frightened that “orange” shades drain my face of colour
I will try gloss, pencil, stain, shimmer, matte and two-tone!
I will wear every darn shade in my makeup drawer this June!

I am woman, hear me roar! (Oh, whoops, sorry… all the power and the chanting kind of went to my head.)

And with no further ado, I give you: 30DaysofLippy.

Join in with us by following the list, trying out each colour or style prompt and wearing something different each day. Don’t have exactly what’s on the list? Get creative, and tell us what you DO have! Post your photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag them with #30DaysofLippy. Don’t have access to a camera? No worries, comment on this post and let me know what worked, what didn’t and what you threw out! ;)

And please let us know how the challenge is going and how you feel each day.

I’ll be updating this blog with new pics from each week of my lipstick rut-busting June! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!
Rosie xox

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17 thoughts on “30 Days of Lippy!

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  2. What lipstick are you wearing in the first photo? I’ve been looking to get a really lovely nude lipstick and that looks gorgeous!

    • Hi Alice, I’m actually wearing MAC Studio Sculpt concealer over my lips, pressed and rubbed into them and then Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Strawberry over the top of that. It’s a little concoction I whipped up a while back which always gives a great nude colour! xxx

  3. Awesome idea. What a great way to force me to use all the lippies that usually get forgotten about.
    You so should do another one of these next month using different eye looks/shadows!

    • Thanks Michelle! We were trying to do EXACTLY that. I have so many lipsticks and glosses that I never use. The last two weeks have been SO much fun! And they’ve really made me reconsider a lot of lipsticks that I’d either forgotten about or thought “weren’t me” xxx

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  5. I am absolutely loving #30daysoflippy – it has been such great fun and we’re only in the first week. You post stunning images every day, but I think the coral is my favourite xx

    • Awww so glad you’re enjoying it beautiful girl! I’m loving seeing your stunning shots each day. You’re a ray of sunshine. I love the coral too, it’s definitely a favourite of mine. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s shots every day too. So much fun!!

  6. You look stunning! I love how well you rock a smokey eye and a nude lip, I confess to occasionally falling into that rut myself as I love playing with EOTDs and you just HAVE to wear a nude lip for that. Also, nude lippie is so easy to touch up on the go!

    But there is something to be said for a gorgeous statement lip as well. ;)

    I love this idea (I came across it as Ingrid’s blog and then found you through Primped)…! You take such gorgeous photos by the way!

    • Wow, thank you lovely! I must admit, I love to rock a smoky eye. And you’re right, you have to go nude or soft pink with that. And the ease of touch-ups makes them so tempting to use every day. I’m loving wearing a statement lip though and being forced to try new and different things. It’s very fun! Awww, you found me through Primped? That’s so great. They have been very supportive of me and so lovely to feature my blog. I’m always flattered when they mention me and have to pinch myself because I spent so long admiring their blog (and stilll do) so it’s a bit of a coup to have them mention my own!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment beautiful xxx

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