Don’t be a victim… Goldwell take a stand

I was out on a shoot yesterday when one of my favourite hair stylists (Paula Hibbard from The Art of Hair) showed me a brilliant new viral video campaign from the incredibly talented people at Goldwell. I simply had to share it, just because it’s just so clever, so funny and so wonderfully executed. It’s only 45 seconds long, and it’s well worth a watch.

I’ve had a few home hair disasters in my time. I’ve also had a few successes, but I have a feeling they weren’t so much due to my amazing hair colouring talents as they were a complete fluke or remarkable stroke of luck.

I once decided to strip my naturally dark hair back to blonde and go red. It was not pretty. It was patchy: dark in places, white in others. I looked like a leopard, and I ended up having to go back to my favourite salon, proverbial cap in hand, begging them to help me out. I also once bleached my hair so violently that it started snapping off about two inches from my scalp. Needless to say, the horrors of home hair colour are very real to me and I always make the effort to seek professional assistance now. It’s just not worth the months of bad hair!

Have you had any home hair care wins? Or disasters? Do you always go to a salon to have your hair done? Let me know!

Happy Thursday!
Rosie xox

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5 thoughts on “Don’t be a victim… Goldwell take a stand

    • Thanks Kimba! I thought the video was brilliant! It had me a little freaked out at first, but the reveal is so clever. Definitely agree, a professional is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Your hair is your best accessory, you wear it every single day, and the last thing you want is to ruin it.

  1. I have to say, I actually perfected DIY foiling at home for years and years when I was a poor university student living out of home! Then I perfected DIY brown ombre. I went to the salon for brown and balayage a few weeks ago and they totally buggered it up.

    That being said, until I researched the chemical reactions involved in blonde and realised the key (don’t rinse until your hair is straw yellow, try not to freak out during the peanut butter/ginger cat stage and be sure to use salon standard, mix-yourself bleach) I did have a few disasters.

    • You perfected DIY foiling??! Wow! I’m super impressed! That’s tough stuff. I must admit, I have had one or two salon fails myself. I think it’s more a matter of finding a professional stylist who knows you and your hair and knows how to treat it properly. You’re such a clever cookie to figure this all out yourself!! I think my problem is I never did the research properly, just dumped whatever it was on my head, followed the instructions as best I could and crossed my fingers, hoping for the best. You’ll have to post some shots of your DIY foils and balayage. I’d love to see the results! xxx

  2. I’ve had my fair share of success and disasters. Right now I’ve decided to go natural to give my poor hair a chance to recover from my college “experiments”

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