30 Days of Lippy – Week One

30 Days of Lippy was born out of a desire to break a beauty rut! Lately I’ve been wearing a group of about three or four colours almost religiously, but I decided to shake it up! I was, fortuitously, contacted by the amazingly talented (and ridiculously creative) Kimberley of Pop Couture, who happened to be going through a bit of a beauty rut herself. You can read the beginning of the story about how 30 Days of Lippy came about here (and my story of how I joined in here).

I’ve had a fabulous week shopping my own stash, ignoring my colour prejudices and just generally living it up in the lip department. It’s amazing how freeing it is to give yourself over to a list. Granted, I wrote said list with my amazing partner in crime Kimberley from Pop Couture, (whose own week one recap you can – and should – check out HERE) but we deliberately included colours, finishes and styles of lip products that we have a tendency to steer clear of, or that we’d bought and never worn.

Day One: Your Favourite Lip Colour

This is my favourite lip colour of the moment. It’s a combination: Australis Show Stopper  Gloss Stick in Fairy Floss with Sally Hansen Xtreme Volume in Sheer Pink over the top. I love the pretty pink and the extra shine that the Sally Hansen Gloss adds. However, this is a combo that needs to be applied after one arrives at one’s destination, as it is a little sticky!

Day Two: Bright Orange

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Colour in Coral Fever. I always felt a bit weird wearing this orange, as much as I like it. It felt like it didn’t fit with my face properly or always looked a bit out of place. However this time, I paired it with a gorgeous Optimistic Orange M.A.C Creme Blush which just brought the whole look together. This is definitely going back into regular rotation. Read my full review on this lippy here.

Day Three: Nude

Oh! Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF 30 in Lychee Crush. One of my favourite lipsticks ever. It just suits my skintone to a T and I always get compliments when I wear it. It’s the perfect partner to a bold smoky eye (which means it’s always in regular rotation at my house.) Although it was pouring rain the day I shot this, the sun peeked out for a moment just as I was picking up my phone to snap a pic, so I got a beautiful little ray of light streaming in through the window. Read my full review of this lippy here.

Day Four: Red Lips

Sax Cosmetics Rich Colour Lipstick in Classic Red. This lipstick has such a old Hollywood feel to it. It’s not too orange, or too blue, not too dark nor too light and it wears down to a beautiful stained finish on my lips, which I just love, because it means even if I don’t have time to reapply it after drinking my fourth skinny latte of the day, I feel confident in knowing it still looks amazing. In fact, one could theoretically apply it first thing in the morning and then even accidentally leave it at home and still have great red lips throughout the day, with just a little application of lip balm to refresh the colour and plump up the moisture in your lips.

Day Five: Coral

Ahhhh Inglot Slimline Gel Lipstick in #40… the lipstick that resulted from the Trout Pout Adventure. Quite possibly one of my favourite lipsticks ever. And I’m starting to realise I’m saying that a lot. It was hard to choose just one of my many coral lipsticks, but I love the perfect balance of pink and orange in this lippy, it makes your lips feel beautifully moisturised and I’ve been told almost every time I wear it “it just lights up your face!” Something strange happened with the filter on instagram when I was taking this shot and my eyes ended up looking crazy green. They’re not actually this colour! Read my full review of this lippy here. For those who asked, I’m also wearing Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Medium/Deep and a whole lot of bronzer (I use Natio Pressed Powder Bronzer because it’s not too shimmery, not too orange and is great as a contour as well. Besides which, it’s cheap as chips!)

Day Six – Wear a stain

Benefit Benetint is one of my all-time favourite lip products. It works well on me because it’s close to my natural lip colour, but deeper. My lips are naturally quite dark. Partially because my colouring is just dark, but also because I’m a lip biter. This seems to work really well in combination with Benetint, as this stain (on me) is a prettier version of my natural lip colour. I tend to reapply it several times throughtout the day, which is how it keeps that lovely deep rosy colour. I wouldn’t say it’s a moisturising product, but it’s certainly not drying either. To me it feels like wearing nothing at all. Best of all, the bottles are absolutely massive and they’ll last you for ages. Keep your look consistently rosy by using it as a cheek tint as well. I also love how the deep rosy colour of this tint makes my skin look really creamy and seems to bring out the blue/green in my eyes.

Day Seven – Your Favourite Revlon Lip Butter

I had a bad first experience with Revlon Lip Butters. I bought Sweet Tart and it was unfortunately a bad batch. It was grainy, not smooth and creamy, and it dried my lips out like crazy! But after reading all the positive reviews from my fellow bloggers and hearing my friends rave about them, I decided to give them another try. This time I bought Cotton Candy and Raspberry Pie. Cotton Candy is my favourite so far, probably because it’s closer to my style than Raspberry Pie. I’m still a little gun-shy of wearing super dark lip colours. But this is something I’m hoping to overcome through this challenge. Cotton Candy is deliciously moisturising (which I’m positively delighted about, I didn’t like not liking the lip butters!) a beautiful creamy pink with slight brownish undertones. It’s got a lovely pearl finish which helps to add volume and gloss to your lips. It will most certainly be on high rotation!

One of the most incredible things about doing this challenge is watching OTHER people do this challenge. Seeing everyone’s images, the way they challenge themselves… Kimberley‘s incredible lips and gorgeous face, Tara‘s amazingly creamy skin, which just seems to glow in every photograph, the way Ingrid‘s face lights up the screen, (to name just a few) the clever composition in so many of these photographs and the way that every single one of them is pushing themselves to try something new…  Seriously, go and search #30DaysofLippy on instagram and just drink in the beauty. These ladies inspire me. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

How was your first week of 30 Days of Lippy? Did you make any wonderful discoveries in your own stash? Did you find a new appreciation for something you’d considered “not you”? Or rediscover an old favourite?

Let me know!
Rosie xox

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10 thoughts on “30 Days of Lippy – Week One

    • Thanks Lauren :) We’re having a lot of fun doing it! Definitely rediscovering a lot of lipsticks I’d either forgotten about or thought I couldn’t wear. You should do the challenge once you’ve found a job! Good luck with the hunt lovely xxx

    • Hahah Hannah, I have far too many lipsticks. I’d probably be happier if I culled my collection. Although the whole idea was to get me back into wearing some of these colours again and I admit, most of them I really like! I’d just forgotten about them, or I’d run out of time and just grab whatever was closest. Thanks lovely xxx

    • Oh Michelle, me TOO! I found so many goodies this week. And some lipsticks that I’d decided “weren’t me” or didn’t suit me, which I’m totally reconsidering now. I’m so glad you’re having as much fun as I am!! x

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