Who’s a spoilt girl? SS Beauty Swap Haul

A weekend or two ago I met my beautiful friend Samantha of SamanthaSmith.com.au for a coffee in the city. I love an excuse for brunch. Any excuse will do. We just needed a catch-up, ooh and we took the opportunity to exchange our goodies for SS Beauty Swap (a swap that Samantha arranged for Aussie beauty bloggers.) It was kind of like Christmas. And my birthday. All wrapped up into one wonderful coffee-laden, berry tart and chocolate volcano cake-filled morning. Samantha chose some killer picks for me. And being the big kid that I am, I couldn’t wait to get them home and play with them!

From top: Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons in Macaron, Cupcake and Sundae, Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara in Blackest Black, Essence Lipstick in All About Cupcake, Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Too Cool and Audacious Asphalt, L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Colours in Parisian Rooftops and Perle De Jade.

And one gorgeous Sportsgirl Pout Line lip pencil in Beauty Queen, who in my over-excitable state, I forgot to photograph was too shy to have her picture taken. The lovely S also gifted me a legendary chunky gold bracelet from Colette, which I am just loving to death. (She’s the pretty one on the left.)

My beauty cupboard feels refreshed, renewed and re-wonderful-ised. (Yes, I made up a word. Deal with it.) I am so overjoyed with my swap goodies! Samantha chose things that I really wanted but either hadn’t had the time to purchase, or hadn’t been able to find. Her colour choices are just so ME. And I am already wearing almost everything (and those things that I’m not wearing I have plans for…) *finger pyramid of evil contemplation*

I can’t wait to share my reviews with you!

Did you participate in SS Beauty Blog Swap? What excellent goodies are currently re-wonderful-ising your beauty cupboard? Let me know!

Rosie xox

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Portrait Couture

I was treated to a portrait session today. It’s strange, despite all the cameras and smartphones we have in our lives, a professional portrait seems to be just as valuable as it always was. Simona Janek of gm photographics has her portrait couture studio in Macquarie Street Leichhardt. Not only did she do my hair and makeup, she was also my photographer for the day!

Simona created a gorgeous, sophisticated smoky eye look for me, which was perfect to give a bit of a fashion and beauty edge to my professional portraits. You all know how much I love eyeliner: it just wouldn’t have been me all nude and natural. She also did an incredible job on my brows, which I was super impressed with, since I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to them.

Simona used Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Camouflage Concealer and eyeliner on me, and M.A.C eyeshadows, contour, blush and lipsticks. My portrait couture session was a blast, I must say I’ve never been so conscious of my own body and face before! By the end of it Simona said I was moving and taking direction like a pro, small but constant movements, waiting for the shutter and then moving again. I can’t wait to share more shots with you (plus all the sneaky tips I picked up for taking a great photo!)

If you’ve got a special birthday, anniversary, or occasion coming up, why not have a special portrait session done to celebrate it? And yes, you DO deserve that professional headshot you’ve always wanted. For more information on Portrait Couture (and some really killer before and after pics) visit http://www.gmphotographics.com.au/portrait-couture/.

And stay tuned for more pics very soon!

Rosie xox

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30 Days of Lippy – Week Two

I’ve had a brilliant second week of 30 Days of Lippy, shopping my own stash, trying colours I’d completely relegated to the “do not wear” pile and wearing lipsticks I had forgotten I even owned. The lovely Kimberley from Pop Couture came up with the idea for 30 Days of Lippy after realising she was in a bit of a lippy rut, and since I was in a bit of a lippy rut myself, I offered my obsessive list making skills to help guide us through the challenge. Read the story of how it came about here. There’s a whole bunch of gorgeous ladies, bloggers and makeup lovers alike, taking up the 30 Days of Lippy challenge!

Week two offered plenty of fun challenges and lip loving hijinks for me. Here’s how it went…

Day Eight – Wear a matte finish

M.A.C Cosmetics Shop M.A.C Watch Me Simmer^. I LOVE this lipstick. I love the vibrant electric coral colour. And I love the matte finish. For some reason though, as it wears, (usually around the 2 hour mark) the coral undertone disappears on me and it goes kind of magenta pink. That’s not going to stop me wearing it though, everytime I wear this lippy someone comments on it. Probably because I don’t tend to wear bright matte finish lipsticks that often. Wear wise, it lasts about 3 or 4 hours, and will need touch-ups after eating or drinking to keep its vibrance and depth. (note: these are not my real eyelashes! I’m wearing Revlon Beyond Natural falsies in Natural Defining* which are absolutely awesome, not too false looking and super easy to apply.)

Day Nine – Hot Pink
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Indulge^, quite possibly one of the best lipglosses ever. It’s a vibrant bright hot pink with a slightly cool undertone and super glossy finish. The colour is really strong for a gloss, and the finish isn’t too sticky either, which is a nice surprise considering how shiny it is. It does need regular touch-ups though, to keep it looking bright and glossy. (Which honestly doesn’t bother me in the slightest.) This shot was taken at Hair Expo with a lovely Michaela of Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Day Ten – Your most recent lip purchase
Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry. I am seriously addicted to this stuff. It sits on my nightstand and it’s first thing I apply in the morning. I ran through my last tube rather quickly and I’m always happy to spend a little cash on something I know works like a charm. Besides which, I love the scent, delicious flavour and cute packaging.

Day Eleven – Shimmery
Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour is definitely one of the best beauty inventions to come out of the last few years. Lanolips is a brilliant lip conditioner which is never sticky and always super dooper moisturising. Combine that with some delicious colours and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a lipgloss that’s actually good for your lips! I love the Rhubarb colour as it’s a soft, peachy, pretty pink which suits my skintone beautifully. I also own Dark Honey and Rose. I know it’s not especially shimmery, but I like the soft glossy finish. (p.s. again, these aren’t my natural lashes. I’m having a bit of a fascination with falsies this week. These are Smiink Everyday Full Lashes in Short & Sweet, which I love because they’re not only easy to apply and not too “over the top”, but they fit my eyes perfectly so don’t require cutting down to size.)

Day Twelve – Close to your natural lip colour

I love the “close to natural” “my lips but better” look and so I have a few lipglosses and lipsticks that qualified for this category. Napoleon Perdis Lip Veil in Cocoa* is one of my favourites though: it’s creamy, moisturising, beautifully tinted with a slight pinkish-brown colour and has a gorgeous glossy finish that makes your lips look a little more fabulous, a little prettier and a little more voluminous than normal. The soft caramel-ly warmth in this colour brings out a flush in my cheeks and gives my slightly yellow toned skin a nice faux glow.

Day Thirteen – Lilac or mauve
Sephora Lip Attitude – Glamour in Lyric Lilac (G08) {Edit: this shade is G09 Mauve Emotion. I wrote it down wrong!}. Oh my! The perfectly pink toned purple for me. This is a lippy that a fellow blogger friend sent me from the States and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve worn it. (I KNOW! What the heck is wrong with me??) I told you, I’m stuck in a lippy rut. The filter I’ve chosen doesn’t really do it justice, it’s a little more purple than it appears here and oh so creamy, beautifully semi-sheer and glossy. On my skintone it needs a few applications to build up the colour to this depth and it wears down to a very soft lilac stain. To keep the glossiness it needs reapplication every couple of hours. You’ll want to keep putting it on too, it’s just that pretty. (And here… the apex of my false lashes fascination this week, with massive Revlon Fantasy Lengths* lashes.)

Day Fourteen – Wear blush on your lips

Estée Lauder Tender Blush in Wild Rose. This is one of my favourite blushes because it’s a lovely warm pink with a hint of a blue undertone when applied to my cheeks. It’s very close to my natural flush and isn’t too shimmery or glittery. Estée Lauder no longer make this blush or this shade, but they have a similar one here – shade “The Siren” is quite close. To keep my lips from drying out too much I prepped them with Kosmea Rosehip Oil* (and they stayed really well hydrated throughout the day.) Although I shouldn’t have been surprised, I was disappointed that the blush didn’t come out the same colour on my lips as it usually does on my cheeks, it went a kind of reddish brown, which I didn’t love. But hey, it was worth a try!

I am having so much fun with 30 Days of Lippy and it’s such a thrill to see everyone’s photographs everyday. Check out the tag #30daysoflippy on Instagram and hey, if you need to shake up your beauty routine, why not join us?!

Rosie xox

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p.s. Per my disclosure policy * Items were kindly provided to me at Lashes & Lattes for editorial review ^ Items were kindly provided to me as Editor of Modern Hair+Beauty and/or Luxury Weddings for editorial review and I enjoyed them so much that I decided to include them here. All opinions are honest and my own. I have not been compensated for mentioning these products.

30 Days of Lippy – Week One

30 Days of Lippy was born out of a desire to break a beauty rut! Lately I’ve been wearing a group of about three or four colours almost religiously, but I decided to shake it up! I was, fortuitously, contacted by the amazingly talented (and ridiculously creative) Kimberley of Pop Couture, who happened to be going through a bit of a beauty rut herself. You can read the beginning of the story about how 30 Days of Lippy came about here (and my story of how I joined in here).

I’ve had a fabulous week shopping my own stash, ignoring my colour prejudices and just generally living it up in the lip department. It’s amazing how freeing it is to give yourself over to a list. Granted, I wrote said list with my amazing partner in crime Kimberley from Pop Couture, (whose own week one recap you can – and should – check out HERE) but we deliberately included colours, finishes and styles of lip products that we have a tendency to steer clear of, or that we’d bought and never worn.

Day One: Your Favourite Lip Colour

This is my favourite lip colour of the moment. It’s a combination: Australis Show Stopper  Gloss Stick in Fairy Floss with Sally Hansen Xtreme Volume in Sheer Pink over the top. I love the pretty pink and the extra shine that the Sally Hansen Gloss adds. However, this is a combo that needs to be applied after one arrives at one’s destination, as it is a little sticky!

Day Two: Bright Orange

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Colour in Coral Fever. I always felt a bit weird wearing this orange, as much as I like it. It felt like it didn’t fit with my face properly or always looked a bit out of place. However this time, I paired it with a gorgeous Optimistic Orange M.A.C Creme Blush which just brought the whole look together. This is definitely going back into regular rotation. Read my full review on this lippy here.

Day Three: Nude

Oh! Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF 30 in Lychee Crush. One of my favourite lipsticks ever. It just suits my skintone to a T and I always get compliments when I wear it. It’s the perfect partner to a bold smoky eye (which means it’s always in regular rotation at my house.) Although it was pouring rain the day I shot this, the sun peeked out for a moment just as I was picking up my phone to snap a pic, so I got a beautiful little ray of light streaming in through the window. Read my full review of this lippy here.

Day Four: Red Lips

Sax Cosmetics Rich Colour Lipstick in Classic Red. This lipstick has such a old Hollywood feel to it. It’s not too orange, or too blue, not too dark nor too light and it wears down to a beautiful stained finish on my lips, which I just love, because it means even if I don’t have time to reapply it after drinking my fourth skinny latte of the day, I feel confident in knowing it still looks amazing. In fact, one could theoretically apply it first thing in the morning and then even accidentally leave it at home and still have great red lips throughout the day, with just a little application of lip balm to refresh the colour and plump up the moisture in your lips.

Day Five: Coral

Ahhhh Inglot Slimline Gel Lipstick in #40… the lipstick that resulted from the Trout Pout Adventure. Quite possibly one of my favourite lipsticks ever. And I’m starting to realise I’m saying that a lot. It was hard to choose just one of my many coral lipsticks, but I love the perfect balance of pink and orange in this lippy, it makes your lips feel beautifully moisturised and I’ve been told almost every time I wear it “it just lights up your face!” Something strange happened with the filter on instagram when I was taking this shot and my eyes ended up looking crazy green. They’re not actually this colour! Read my full review of this lippy here. For those who asked, I’m also wearing Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Medium/Deep and a whole lot of bronzer (I use Natio Pressed Powder Bronzer because it’s not too shimmery, not too orange and is great as a contour as well. Besides which, it’s cheap as chips!)

Day Six – Wear a stain

Benefit Benetint is one of my all-time favourite lip products. It works well on me because it’s close to my natural lip colour, but deeper. My lips are naturally quite dark. Partially because my colouring is just dark, but also because I’m a lip biter. This seems to work really well in combination with Benetint, as this stain (on me) is a prettier version of my natural lip colour. I tend to reapply it several times throughtout the day, which is how it keeps that lovely deep rosy colour. I wouldn’t say it’s a moisturising product, but it’s certainly not drying either. To me it feels like wearing nothing at all. Best of all, the bottles are absolutely massive and they’ll last you for ages. Keep your look consistently rosy by using it as a cheek tint as well. I also love how the deep rosy colour of this tint makes my skin look really creamy and seems to bring out the blue/green in my eyes.

Day Seven – Your Favourite Revlon Lip Butter

I had a bad first experience with Revlon Lip Butters. I bought Sweet Tart and it was unfortunately a bad batch. It was grainy, not smooth and creamy, and it dried my lips out like crazy! But after reading all the positive reviews from my fellow bloggers and hearing my friends rave about them, I decided to give them another try. This time I bought Cotton Candy and Raspberry Pie. Cotton Candy is my favourite so far, probably because it’s closer to my style than Raspberry Pie. I’m still a little gun-shy of wearing super dark lip colours. But this is something I’m hoping to overcome through this challenge. Cotton Candy is deliciously moisturising (which I’m positively delighted about, I didn’t like not liking the lip butters!) a beautiful creamy pink with slight brownish undertones. It’s got a lovely pearl finish which helps to add volume and gloss to your lips. It will most certainly be on high rotation!

One of the most incredible things about doing this challenge is watching OTHER people do this challenge. Seeing everyone’s images, the way they challenge themselves… Kimberley‘s incredible lips and gorgeous face, Tara‘s amazingly creamy skin, which just seems to glow in every photograph, the way Ingrid‘s face lights up the screen, (to name just a few) the clever composition in so many of these photographs and the way that every single one of them is pushing themselves to try something new…  Seriously, go and search #30DaysofLippy on instagram and just drink in the beauty. These ladies inspire me. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

How was your first week of 30 Days of Lippy? Did you make any wonderful discoveries in your own stash? Did you find a new appreciation for something you’d considered “not you”? Or rediscover an old favourite?

Let me know!
Rosie xox

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Delta Goodrem’s Vogue Cover + Get The Look

I always get a little antsy waiting for the new Vogue to come out each month. And I’m even more excited to get my hot little hands on the July 2012 edition (on sale today) as everyone’s favourite singer/song-writer/TV personality/all-around glamour goddess Delta Goodrem makes her first-ever appearance on the cover and features in an 8-page fashion editorial.

The super secretive shoot took place at a private residence in Sydney and was directed by leading photographer Nicole Bentley. The makeup guru himself, Napoleon Perdis, designed and created what he described as an “old-world-meets-today” look for the shoot, combining classically flawless skin with strong, modern eye makeup and bold (swoon) almost-Androgynous eyebrows.
The images are HOT! Delta looks amazing, she seems to sizzle from within. It’s nice to see her looking a little harder around the edges and not so perfectly polished. I love the look that Napoleon has created for her, it’s sexy, sultry but still strong. It’s sirenic without being overly girly and ‘pretty pretty’, and wowza-inducing without suffering from bombshell syndrome. I think it’s perfectly pitched to catapult Delta into the next stratosphere of stardom, where you need a little bit of rockstar attitude and somethin somethin to kick it up a notch.
“Working with Delta was an amazing experience,” explains Napoleon. He describes her as incredibly down to earth, genuine and ‘the ultimate muse for any artist’. “With that flawless face and those incredible features, she is the perfect canvas and a true natural beauty!” he beamed.

And the feeling was certainly mutual. “It was my privilege to work with Napoleon,” said Delta. “Napoleon is a true artist and we shared such a special experience with all the Vogue Team. He gave me so much faith and took me into a mystical world of creativity with warmth, compassion and belief. He is truly amazing.”
 I managed to get my hands on a face chart from the shoot, (and… squeee! Napoleon’s notes) so you beauties can re-create Delta’s smoking look yourselves.

Your key products for this look: 1. Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, 2. Sheer Genius Foundation in Look 1, 3. The Ultimate Contour Palette, 4. China Doll Eye Liner in Copper, 5. Color Disc in Green Living, 6. Dévine Goddess Lipstick in Demeter. All products available from Napoleon Perdis.

1. Apply Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer all over the face to smooth and hydrate the skin.

2. Apply Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation to the feature focus area of the face (triangle of features; eyes, nose, lips) using Artist Foundation Brush 19b. Blend away to nothing at the jaw and hair line.

3. Sculpt the face with Napoleon’s Couture Contouring technique: Using Foundation Stick in a shade 2-4 shades deeper than your skin tone shade under the cheek bones, temples, jaw line, inner bridge of the eye, socket and nose. The High Definition Foundation/Concealer Brush g20 is the perfect shape and density for sculpting the face, it will apply the product and blend as you go for easy application.

4. Highlight the face using Mighty Concealer Pen Mellow Yellow. Take product in a V shape under each eye (the tips of the V should meet the corners of your eye to smooth dark circles and continue product onto the top of the cheek bones to lift). Take a little product along the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and under the shading on the cheek to emphasise your contours.

5. Now set in place for a matte finish with Camera Finish. Use Polishing Brush 35r for larger areas and Contour Brush 16b for more hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and around the nose.

6. For killer contours, set your shading (under the cheek bones, temples, jaw line, inner bridge of the eye, socket and nose) with The Ultimate Contour Palette contour colour. This will not only keep the cream textures in place but also strengthen the intensity of your sculpting.
7. Apply a very light coat of Mesmer-Eyes Mascara to the top lashes using the fine comb.

8. Using Contour Brush 16b sweep Color Disc Green Living across the mobile lid, through the socket and along the lower lash line.

9. Line the inner rim with China Doll Gel Eyeliner Copper and smudge a little into the top lash line.

10.  Line the inner corner of the upper and lower water line with Eye Pencil Onyx Factor to give the eye a feline finish.

11.  Strengthen the brow with Eyebrow Pencil Chocoholic. To create this more masculine shape, fill in your arch a little lower so the lower edge of your brow becomes straight.

12. Coat lips with DeVine Goddess Lipstick Demeter. Tap onto the lips with your finger tips for a modern finish.

13. For a very subtle sheen, tap a little Luminous Lip Veil Cafe Au Lait onto the centre of the lips.

What do you think of Delta’s Vogue debut? Let me know!

Rosie xox

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All images courtesy Vogue Australia. Photography by Nicole Bentley.  

5 ways to combat the “blahs”

I’ve had a rough week. I’ve had a ghastly flu and been burderned with what my doctor referred to as “nuclear strength antibiotics”. You know those days when you just feel blah? Most mornings I walk out of the house feeling confident and amazing, but some days seem dull and drab before they’ve even begun. Luckily, I’ve developed a system for combatting blah, dull and drab. Here are my top 5 ways to pull yourself out of a blah day.

1. Wash and blow-dry (or straighten or curl) your hair. It will look fresh and shiny and smell amazing. Most of the time I am a dry shampoo addict and boy howdy it’s good stuff, but sometimes you just need supermodel hair. Favourite products: Moroccanoil Treatment Light $27.50 / 25ml, KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Spray $31.95 / 200ml.

2. Fake bake it. There is nothing quite like a tan to make you feel glamorous, slim and sexy. But as we all know, real ones are terribly bad for us and so (hopefully) you’ve discovered the beauty of a faux glow. I’m a dedicated tanner in summer: I do a full scrub and application once a week, and a top-up application after a few days. In winter I’m lazier about it, but a gorgeous golden glow is sure to perk me up any day. Favourite products: Le Tan Fast Tan Mousse in Deep Bronze $12.99, Vani T Liquid Sunshine $28.95 and for those days where you can’t be bothered doing a full scrub and tan… Le Tan Flawless Legs Body Makeup is a lifesaver $17.99.

3. Be illuminating! An illuminator or highlighter is makeup’s answer to flat, dull and blah. It’s kind of like having your own personal lighting specialist follow you around every. single. second. Sweep a little across the high points of your face (that is: the bridge of your nose, tops of your cheekbones near the temple, on your forehead just above your brows and if you really feel super blah, dot a little in the inner corner of each eye – it makes your eyes look brighter –  and in your cupid’s bow, which is the hollow above your top lip.) Sneaky secret? Mix a liquid illuminator into your foundation for an all-over heavenly glow. Favourite products: Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Mist $14.95 and M.A.C Mineralise Skin Finish in Lightscapade $47.00.

4. Wear a bright(er) lipstick. One thing that’s bound to put you in a good mood and put some colour in your face is a great bright lipstick. I’m pretty obsessed with some of the great corals out there at the moment. The great thing about coral is it’s like pink and orange had a baby together, which means it suits both warm and cool skintones! Coral is the perfect pick-me-up for mid-week. But if you’re after something a little more wow for the weekend, go for a deep fiery red or a boom-smash orange. Favourite products: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour in Coral Fire $16.95, Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Besotted $39.00 and Shop M.A.C Lipstick in Watch Me Simmer $36.00.

5. Give yourself a statement mani. There’s nothing quite like having fabulous nails. It gives you that extra bit of wow factor, it’s a conversation starter and it’s likely to get you noticed. I always get compliments when I choose a bright or unique nail colour. Plus, there’s something about having hands that look great that’s a real confidence booster. Neon yellow, bright orange, pretty pink with a glitter feature nail (like the one here) or a parade of pastel colours on your fingers (like here). Statement nails are a big blah-buster! Favourite products: Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Electric and Pink Lingerie $15.95, OPI Nail Polishes in Pamplona Purple and Jade is the New Black $19.95, Sportsgirl Nail It! in Ginger $7.95, Face of Australia ProNail Enamel in Cool Cotton $6.95 and Barbados Nail Enamel in Another Daquiri Please $4.95.
Do you have a system or a great way to combat the “blahs”? Any parts of your beauty routine that instantly perk you up? Will you be trying any of my tips? Let me know!

Happy Friday!
Rosie xox

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Note: all images used above are PR shots. Layouts are my own.

MBFWA: Backstage at toi et moi (and How To Hair)

One of my favourite catwalk looks from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was created by KMS California and the Makeup Store for toi et moi. Two hair looks alternated on the catwalk: soft, carefree, beachy and sexy waves, and a chic, slightly messy high top knot. Makeup was focused on the eyes. I was so excited to see gorgeous black winged liner (after a few shows left out liner altogether).

Makeup Director Maria Gabriel of the Makeup Store explained that the look was inspired by the toi et moi collection. “The black winged eyeliner and white shadow was the key feature of the look. The toi et moi collection really focuses on black and white, so the makeup is a reflection of that.”

Maria and her team managed to capture the essence of francophile beauty with a clean white eye shadow on the lids, white liner on the inner corners of the eyes and gorgeously dark winged liner that both elongated and widened the model’s eyes. “The eye look is sort of Twiggy meets Cleopatra,” she said. Eyes were widened even further with masses of mascara to create gorgeously lush jet black lashes.

Hair Director Stephen Seago and his team from KMS California created two amazingly wearable hair looks for the show. (And I scored details on how to get the look yourself…)

How To Get Look 1: The Top Knot
1. Prep your hair with KMS Free Shape hot flex creme (which if you don’t own, you should. I am addicted to this stuff) and Free Shape quick blow dry lotion before you start blow drying for a beautiful smooth, glossy finish.
2. Using a soft paddle brush, section out two separate pony tails, one on the crown of your head and one just in front.
3. Back comb both pony tails to create texture and apply Hair Play dry wax for hold and definition.
4. Lightly brush each pony tail to create a smooth finish.
5. Join the ponytails together, bnringing them forward towards your face and then in a clockwise motion, begin wrapping your hair around the base to create the bun.
6. Secure the bun with bobby pins and Hair Stay maximum hold hairspray.

How To Get Look 2: Sexy Tousled Waves
1. Prep your hair with KMS California Add Volume volumising spray, being sure to apply it evenly.
2. Apply Add Volume root and body lift spray for extra va-va-voom!
3. Take large vertical sections and apply Free Shape hot flex spray (soooo addicted) to the mid-lengths and ends and then use hot tongs, ensuring you tong away from your face. (Don’t forget to tong both sides of your hair in the same direction, especially at the front.)
4. Continue around to the back of your hair (mix up the direction of tonging as you go for a more natural looking finish.)
5. Lightly brush out the sections, apply Hair Play sea salt spray to finish the beachy curl look and power dry for a sexy tousled finish.

In between model makeovers, I managed to steal Hair Director Stephen Seago (of Roar Hairdressing in Melbourne) away for a quick chat about his favourite products and a few sneaky expert tips. “I love KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax. It does absolutely everything. It’s a super easy to use spray that gives a gorgeous matte finish, great hold and that beautifully ‘undone’ look that so many people crave. Spray it into towel dried hair then blow dry for a gorgeous tousled ‘I’m not even trying’ style with a great second day hair feel (without the ick factor), or even use it in dry hair to add hold and definition. It helps create texture as too!”

As the temperature drops, hair can start to look dry and flat, so I just had to ask… what’s a girl to do in winter to keep her hair looking great?

“Every six weeks, get your hair trimmed!” he said emphatically. (And yes, that means YOU too long haired people.) “You need to keep it moisturised so make sure you get regular treatments from your hair stylist as well.” For balayaged babes like me? “KMS Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment is perfect for brightening balayaged ends and all shades of blonde, while all hair colours and types can benefit from a KMS Colour Vitality Shine & Shield treatment to lock in moisture and shine. Don’t over-dry your hair, you can still blow dry, but don’t let it over-heat and don’t stretch out the length with a brush too much while you’re drying. Let it dry naturally every once in a while too. Keep it super hydrated with Silk Sheen leave in conditioner.”

Have a great weekend!
Rosie x

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