My Newly Balayaged Locks

I just felt like a change. I’ve had long hair for years and it’s been the same colour since I hit my twenties. So it was with excitement and a few nerves that I decided to go for the chop, and the big balayage change.

As many people will tell you, balayage has been around for a few years. It initially gained popularity after being seen on the likes of Giselle Bundchen, Drew Barrymore and Rose Byrne. The super blonde balayage, however, as any beauty fanatic will tell you, is “over.” Mamamia recently did a great feature on the new balayage (which is a great read, and has some awesome pics). Now, it’s all about soft, subtle, beautiful, melty colour.

I don’t think my hairdresser got it completely right. But she came pretty close. And hey, I’m happy with the results. The great thing about a change, is it forces you (or gives you an excuse) to change the way you do other things. I’m now experimenting with curls, beach hair, braids and other exciting things, whereas before, I always went for sleek and straight or a ponytail. My makeup, clothing and accessories choices have changed too. I never would have worn gold or even much bronzer before, but now… I’m experimenting. And it’s fun.

So lovelies, have you made a major hair or beauty change lately? Are you happy with it? Has it changed the way you do other things? Let me know. Leave your comments or tweet me.