Red Lips + Light Foundation: Makeup Utopia Wildcard FOTD

The Makeup Utopia is holding a Beauty Bloggers Conference in September. They have been very selective with their invitations, but have given those who didn’t make the original list a chance to win one of two wildcard invitations. We were asked to recreate ourselves using makeup. I chose to keep it relatively simple: I did the opposite of what I usually do with makeup. I chose to use a very light coverage foundation, minimal eye makeup, almost no brow products and a red lip. Also, since I almost always wear my hair out, I pulled it back into a ballerina bun to keep it sleek and simple.

To create this look, I started with Face of Australia Face Base Primer, buffing it into my skin over the top of my moisturiser. I created a light, luminous canvas with Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.5 (the lightest foundation I own) {Edit: when I say “lightest” I mean “palest”. I own several lighter coverage foundations, but they’re all closer to my natural darker skin tone. This foundation was a good combination of lighter coverage and a paler colour.} I wanted to make myself as pale as possible, as my complexion is naturally quite deep and olive-y. I also wanted to make sure that my freckles showed through. I finished the foundation off by buffing it into my skin with a powder brush, to ensure the coverage was flawless.

The eye look was created using shades from my Naked 2 Palette. I began with Australis Eye Shadow Primer, followed by a white Maybelline Colour Tattoo all over my lids, providing a good base for the colours to follow. I began with Foxy (a matte beige), from my Naked Palette, sweeping it all over the eye, right up to the brow bone. Then I used Tease (a matte brown) from my Naked Palette to create a soft winged out look and accentuate the crease, and widen my eyes, to make them look larger. Then I used Bootycall (a light, slightly shimmery pale gold) in the centre of my lids to accentuate the rounder eye shape I had created.

I double lined my eyes, verrrry carefully, as I wanted just a very thin line. Firstly with Lord + Berry Polish Eye Pencil (I barely let it touch my eye, just very softly scribbled it along my lashline. Then I followed with Smiink Liquid Eyeliner pen, smoothing the line and winging it out a little. I wanted to keep my eye makeup minimal, as the one thing I am known for is a lot of eye makeup.

The lips were the hardest. Since I don’t often wear dark or bright lip colours, I decided this was a great way to reinvent my makeup look and myself. I used Clinique Quickliner for lips in Perfect Poppy, being very careful to line right on the edge of my lips. I then applied Rimmel’s Kate Moss Spring Collection Lipstick in 22 (bright red) with a lip brush. This was certainly the part that took the longest to get perfect.

I finished off my luminous skin look by contouring under my cheekbones and chin/jaw with Tease (from my Naked Palette) as the contour powders I own are all tailored towards my natural, darker complexion. Then I contoured the sides of my nose, thinning it out a little. Savoir Faire Concealer was patted under the eyes with my finger to even out my complexion and hide those awful dark circles.

Then I lightly dusted MAC Prep+Prime Powder along my T-Zone and buffed Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Lunar Dust Illuminator in Twilight across my forehead, cheeks, down the bridge of my nose and across my chin, to give it that little extra dose of luminosity. The finishing touch was a very light dusting of a baby pink blush just along the tops of my cheeks, Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Peach Nuance. Lastly, I swept a q-tip dipped in makeup remover over my brows to remove any foundation residue, combed them into place and (because I just couldn’t fathom doing nothing) I did as little as I possibly could… I just tidied them with some brow pomade from SAX Cosmetics Perfect Brow Kit, and lightly defined the shape with a little of the lightest brown powder. One teeeny little application of Maybelline’s The Falsies Mascara (because I wanted to keep my eyes minimal) was the finishing touch.

So beauties… do you think I look different? Have I recreated myself using makeup? Do you like my new look? Let me know!

Note: per the rules of The Makeup Utopia’s Wildcard Challenge, no photoshop, instagram filters or any post-processing of any kind has been used on these images.

Rosie xox

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Who’s a spoilt girl? SS Beauty Swap Haul

A weekend or two ago I met my beautiful friend Samantha of for a coffee in the city. I love an excuse for brunch. Any excuse will do. We just needed a catch-up, ooh and we took the opportunity to exchange our goodies for SS Beauty Swap (a swap that Samantha arranged for Aussie beauty bloggers.) It was kind of like Christmas. And my birthday. All wrapped up into one wonderful coffee-laden, berry tart and chocolate volcano cake-filled morning. Samantha chose some killer picks for me. And being the big kid that I am, I couldn’t wait to get them home and play with them!

From top: Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons in Macaron, Cupcake and Sundae, Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara in Blackest Black, Essence Lipstick in All About Cupcake, Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Too Cool and Audacious Asphalt, L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Colours in Parisian Rooftops and Perle De Jade.

And one gorgeous Sportsgirl Pout Line lip pencil in Beauty Queen, who in my over-excitable state, I forgot to photograph was too shy to have her picture taken. The lovely S also gifted me a legendary chunky gold bracelet from Colette, which I am just loving to death. (She’s the pretty one on the left.)

My beauty cupboard feels refreshed, renewed and re-wonderful-ised. (Yes, I made up a word. Deal with it.) I am so overjoyed with my swap goodies! Samantha chose things that I really wanted but either hadn’t had the time to purchase, or hadn’t been able to find. Her colour choices are just so ME. And I am already wearing almost everything (and those things that I’m not wearing I have plans for…) *finger pyramid of evil contemplation*

I can’t wait to share my reviews with you!

Did you participate in SS Beauty Blog Swap? What excellent goodies are currently re-wonderful-ising your beauty cupboard? Let me know!

Rosie xox

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30 Days of Lippy – Week Three

The third week of 30 Days of Lippy is where it got tough. There were some days I didn’t think I was going to make it. Some days I looked at the list and said “really?” And some days where I completely lost the plot and actually missed applying lipstick at all. (Like Day 17, which I swear I did, but for the life of me I can’t find the photo!) But I pushed through, and I made some awesome discoveries as a result.

Day Fifteen – Brown

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Foxtrot: I bought this in a fit of 90s nostalgia, after staring at old pictures of Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. I used to own several brown, bronze, gold lipsticks, but they all disappeared. When I first put this on, I actually really disliked it. To the point where I actually wiped it off. I reapplied it later in the day and was quite pleased with the result. It’s not the type of colour I usually wear, even if I am being adventurous. But I must say I love how creamy and delicious this colour makes my skin look! I’m used to colours that play up my eyes, and I think that’s what threw me. The lipstick itself is gorgeously moisturising, so creamy and lasts a solid 2-3 hours (assuming you don’t eat or drink anything). The beautiful pearl finish also makes your lips look extra voluminous.

Day Sixteen – Two-tone Lip

I wasn’t totally happy with my two-tone lip result. But it was an experience. I used MAC Violetta^ (which I can’t find for purchase anywhere anymore!) and Jager Flirt Fruit Glaze to try to create a sort of gold to purple ombré look. But it just came out all smudgy and kind of brown.  Separately, these lipsticks are both gorgeous, but together, well… they kind of suck. So key outtake? I need more experience creating a two-tone lip look.

Day Seventeen – The darkest lipstick you own
As I said, I swear I did this one, but I can’t for the life of me find the photo anywhere! In any case, the darkest lipstick I own actually makes another appearance later on. It’s Eles Cosmetics Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Cranberry. And it’s a verrrry cool shade.

Day Eighteen – Berry-licious
MeMeMe Cosmetics Light Me Up Lipgloss in Intense (#8)*. Boy howdy! Something about this lipgloss just brings out the Jessica Rabbit in me. Maybe it’s the rich red berry colour or the super luscious shiny finish, but after trying this for Berry-licious, it has made its way into my regular makeup bag. Like any gloss it doesn’t last a long time, but for the hour or so that it does, it works hard for the money. Deep, highly pigmented colour that spreads evenly over your lips and settles to a gorgeous glossy not-nearly-as-sticky-as-you-think-it-will-be shine? Oh yes please!

Day Nineteen – Sheer Flush

Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom. This is one of my favourite lip care products. It’s so rich and creamy, it leaves my lips feeling amazing: so moisturised, so soft and always more voluminous. I love the colour of pink blossom, it’s the perfect pretty pink flush for my skintone. It’s got a slight rosy undertone which matches my natural cheek flush perfectly, so it always looks natural and fresh. I reapply this about twice an hour, just for maximum benefit, and also because it’s super pretty! This is easy peasy pretty. One lip balm and you’re sorted.

Day Twenty – Orange Red

Eles Cosmetics Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Cranberry*. Now, I don’t own any orange red lipsticks, but I do own THIS. An absolutely divine cranberry red which I’ve just been looking for an excuse to wear. According to Instagram, this is your favourite of ALL my 30 Days of Lippy pics and to be honest, I think it’s mine too. *nonchalantly changes twitter profile pic to the above* The colour is a delicious combination of berry and red which suits my weird pale yellow skintone to a T. It is one of the creamiest, most moisturising lipsticks I have ever worn and it goes on smoothly, doesn’t stick in any creases or catch on any dry bits, creating a flawless pout which remains moisturised throughout the day. It lasts a solid 4-5 hours depending on how much Red Bull and coffee you drink, but even as it fades, it becomes a delicious berry stain that looks just as good as a creamy berry lipstick. Even better? It doesn’t ghost me out. For such a deep cranberry, it has just the right amount of warmth and depth to create a luscious pout, while still allowing my skintone to shine and my cheeks to look pretty and flushed. No fading into the background for this girl!

Day Twenty One – Use a lip pencil to fill your lips

Clinique Quickliner for lips in Perfect Poppy (which is a shade no longer available, although here is one that’s very similar). This is one lip pencil I can’t live without! A great red lip pencil is key to achieving an amazing red lip look that’s even, neat and sleek. I love the colour of this one, although it’s a lot more red than it appears here. I applied Lanolips lip ointment with colour in Rhubarb over the top, which “pinked” it up a little more and added a gorgeous glossy shine. Perfect Poppy is creamy, goes on smooth and sticks fast. It’s not hard, waxy or sharp and when I used it to fill my lips they didn’t feel dry at all. In fact, I loved the “stained gloss” look so much that I’ve used it several times since in similar ways. Who knew a lip pencil could be so versatile?!

So lovelies, what have been your can’t-live-without lip products over the last few weeks? I always love to hear about what you’re wearing!

Did you miss the earlier 30 Days of Lippy weekly round-ups? Check them out here: Week 1, and here: Week 2.

Rosie xox

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Per my Disclosure Policy, items marked with * were kindly provided to me for editorial consideration for this blog. Items marked with ^ were kindly provided to me for editorial consideration as the Editor of Modern Hair+Beauty and/or Luxury Weddings and I liked them so much I decided to include them here too.

30 Days of Lippy!

Alright. I admit it. I’ve been in a bit of a lipstick rut lately. Don’t scowl at me like that! I realised this because I was sent a red lipstick by the gorgeous ladies at Sax Cosmetics on Wednesday for Kiss Goodbye to MS Day and I realised I hadn’t worn red lipstick in… ummm… months. This realisation brought me screaming to my senses and got me chatting with the lovely Kimberley of Pop Couture (who’s been in a little bit of a lipstick rut herself and is challenging herself – and others – to branch out in their lippy choices.)

This has become my standard makeup uniform. Smoky eyes and a nude lip. Don’t get me wrong… It works for me. I like it, but beauty is meant to be fun, and about experimentation! And for me usually it is, but “I’ve just been busy!” Which is absolutely no excuse. I know.

The lipstick that got me thinking. (It’s called Classic Red. I KNOW! Gorgeous right?!)

I can’t tell you how great it felt to be wearing a bright red lipstick again. I got so many compliments, so many people told me that they loved my lip colour, that I should wear bright lipstick more often, that my face was lighter and how different I looked. And so Kimberley @MissPopC and I got talking. A lot. About ways to change up our routines and force some fresh lippy into them! Suddenly more people were joining in the conversation and asking “how?” and “when?”

Being the annoyingly organised and compulsively creative person that I am, I decided to make a list. To force us to bust our lipstick ruts. Repeat after me:

I will not wear the same colour three days in a row.
I will not sit idly by while a new purchase gathers dust at the bottom of my makeup bag.
I will not “forget” that I own purple lipstick.
I will not be afraid to wear a red lip!
I will not be frightened that “orange” shades drain my face of colour
I will try gloss, pencil, stain, shimmer, matte and two-tone!
I will wear every darn shade in my makeup drawer this June!

I am woman, hear me roar! (Oh, whoops, sorry… all the power and the chanting kind of went to my head.)

And with no further ado, I give you: 30DaysofLippy.

Join in with us by following the list, trying out each colour or style prompt and wearing something different each day. Don’t have exactly what’s on the list? Get creative, and tell us what you DO have! Post your photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag them with #30DaysofLippy. Don’t have access to a camera? No worries, comment on this post and let me know what worked, what didn’t and what you threw out! ;)

And please let us know how the challenge is going and how you feel each day.

I’ll be updating this blog with new pics from each week of my lipstick rut-busting June! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!
Rosie xox

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NP Set Lipstick Boston

I’ve been going through a bit of a love affair with lipstick lately. I never used to be a lipstick girl. I always wore gloss. But ever since I reviewed Maybelline’s Coral Fever I’ve become a bit infatuated and invested in many new shades. One of my favourites lately is an NP Set lipstick called ‘Boston’ (RRP $22.00, 4g) which I picked up *accidentally* while looking for BB Cream. The colour is a lot darker than I’d usually wear – I tend to go for light pinks, nudes and pretty peaches, but the minute my friendly local Napoleon Perdis expert, Ellen, put it on me I was hooked.

Now NP Set don’t have a website yet, so I don’t have anything to compare my experience to. But I’ll give you the best bits. The packaging is cute and fun, the pink palm trees on the NP Set lipsticks always make me think of California, hot summer nights and holidays. The white shiny plastic tube is immediately distinguishable among my other lipsticks, which mostly have black tubes.

My favourite feature of the packaging is a little reservoir of the same colour in the top of the cap, a wonderful idea because just when you think you’re out… guess what? There’s a little more left!

The texture is oh-so-creamy and deliciously moisturising, to the point where I will actually reapply it even when it doesn’t need reapplication. My lips feel so soft and saturated every time I use it and I’ve found that the moisture seems to carry on even after the colour has worn off. It has a very slight lipstick smell, which honestly doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The colour is one I really never would have chosen for myself, but the minute it was on, I was in love. It’s a creamy, rusty, brownish pink. Quite difficult to describe without using their words actually. “Cream Ginger” is the perfect name for the colour.

Above is a swatch of the lipstick, taken with a flash indoors. It represents the colour quite accurately, I found it difficult to capture the depth of this colour without using a flash. The beautiful glossy sheen lasted about an hour for me, and the colour for around another two. It will require reapplication after you eat or drink, but thems the brakes with a gorgeous moisturising lipstick like this one. Hands up if you actually mind? Nope, I didn’t think so. And now for my favourite part… the pout.

Below is the product on my lips, shot with a flash.
There are a whole list of things I love about this lipstick, most of which I’ve already mentioned. But two that I haven’t. 1. It makes me look a lot more tan than I actually am and 2. it makes my teeth look really white!

In short, I absolutely adore this lipstick! Wear it with a tan, a smile and a bounce in your step.

NP Set Lipsticks RRP $22.00/4g are available from David Jones, Target and Napoleon Perdis salon stores.

Are you a lipstick girl or gloss girl? What’s your favourite lip product at the moment? Let me know! Leave my a note, stop by Facebook or tweet me.

Rosemary xox

Making me happy today…

Happy Friday! Making me happy today… is a constant stream of beauty, in the form of models casting for our next round of shoots.

The thought that there may still be some Summer yet to come
How great your face feels when you just wear lipstick

New jewellery from Lovisa and Diva
The incredible range of colours in Illamasqua‘s Intense lipglosses (discovered on a beauty research expedition)
My to do list for the weekend:
1. Sleep in
2. Get a really gorgeously deep and dark spray tan
3. Trial my two new luxury foundations (more on this soon)
4. Buy fresh flowers
5. Drink wine in the sunshine
6. Read all the new magazines I’ve bought

What’s making you happy today? What’s your to-do list for the weekend? Leave me a note, stop by Facebook or tweet me.

November Favourites

November has been a huge month for me! So many new finds, new friends and new favourites. I’ve dubbed these “beautygrams” – instagrams that feature some of my top products from this month.
This mini nail polish haul from Miki was a fun discovery. At only $2.95 a pop (on sale), these little gems were a bargain. I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised to find the polish full of colour, easy to apply and reasonably long lasting. My nails usually chip after about a day at work, I got a solid three and a half before they even started showing signs of wear.
The powder blue polish was an instant hit with me, it made my (fake) tan pop and got plenty of compliments. The perfect statement nail colour for summer. The super teeny brush on these polishes means you can paint quite daintily and carefully. I didn’t even need to use the “q-tip dipped in remover” trick to tidy up! The image above shows two coats.

 I’m completely addicted to Nivea’s Fruity Shine Lip Gloss in Strawberry (RRP $3.98). It’s my go-to product for beautiful moisture, a sweet fruity scent and a super pretty flush of colour that stays for hours. I love the colour because it’s like a deeper, prettier version of my lip colour (which is fairly pale), so it always looks fresh and natural.

A shopping trip to find the perfect BB Cream became a bit of a beauty revelation when I discovered Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lipsticks. I’ve never owned one before and I’m delighted with the colours I chose: Minneapolis (a bright coral pink) and Boston (a creamy ginger). It also turned out that Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (RRP $13.95) BB Cream was the perfect one for me. Not only is it cost-effective, the medium shade is a perfect match to my skin. I will give proper reviews of these three products soon, I promise!

All that glitters is certainly gold and my newly balayaged locks have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m wearing gold for the first time! This Orly Nail Polish “Luxe” (RRP $18.95) made my hands feel expensive. I couldn’t stop flashing them around! This polish is wonderfully lasting and packed with shimmer – it could almost be mistaken for a foil, except for the slight grain in its finish. But I think this makes it look even more like real gold. Definitely a fun and easy way to give yourself a pick-me-up.

I actually have quite fine hair, a fair bit of it, mind you, but extra volume is always appreciated. My favourite for va-va-voom volume is Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Insant Volume Powder (RRP $8.99). This baby really has some kick! Tap some into your hands and dust into your roots for instant bombshell hair. It also gives your hair that awesome second-day lived-in look.

As November turned up the heat, I decided to lose the heavy coverage foundation on weekends and go for a more natural, but still polished, look instead. Thank goodness for Le Tan’s Face Tan (RRP $7.99). I’m a long-time devotee of their Fast Tan Mousse and I’m just as impressed with the new face tan. Now my face matches my body and has the same gorgeous summery look, without all the mess of melting off foundation and the feel of sweating underneath it.

Big thank you to Madison magazine for introducing me to Butter London Polish in Trout Pout (RRP $19.95). It is the perfect summer pedi polish. A combination of hot coral and hot pink, but without being over-the-top. I love the colour so much that I’m wearing it on toes and fingers at the moment. I’ve actually been trying to find a lipstick that matches! My twitter friends have kindly given their suggestions, I’m close to making a purchase and I’ll let you know how my trout pout lip goes!

How has your November been? Are you ready for the silly season? What are your favourite products at the moment? Let me know! Leave your comments or tweet me.

Please note: as the above images have been put through instagram filters, some of the colours may not appear exactly as they are.