Pastel Prettiness NOTD

Now this is a super-easy, super-fast way to dress up your nails for a special event! Who doesn’t love a high-impact, easy-to-execute nail project? Fashion and beauty (me included) are having a love affair with pastels lately, so I decided to create a pretty little pastel manicure.

You will need:
* Five different pastel nail polishes
* Nail polish remover
* A Q-Tip to tidy with
* Clear top coat to finish

If you don’t have five pastel nail polishes (I didn’t, I only had four) but you’ve got a colour that’s close, add a bit of white nail lacquer to the polish and mix until it’s more pastelly. I mixed mine in the metal container from a tealight candle!

The colours I used were:
* Revlon Top Speed Pink Lingerie
* Revlon Blue Lagoon
* Sportsgirl Lace
* A peachy coloured Miki Mini (9155), and
* Revlon Top Speed Electric (which is a yellow that was far too bright, so I added some Face of Australia Cool Cotton to mix it up into a pretty pastel yellow)

Paint each nail a different colour. If you’ve got two colours that are similar, (for example: I had a pink and a peach) separate them. I put the pink on my pinkie and the peach on my thumbnail. Then tidy any messy over-paint on your fingers or nail bed with a nail polish remover-soaked Q-tip and finish with a clear top coat for long wearing pastel goodness. And voila!

Have you got a great easy-peasy way to dress up your nails? Please share!

Rosie xox

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