Adventures in Portrait-Land or “How I ended up in front of the camera”

I’m a huge fan of iPhoneography. And selfies. And Instagram. Seriously, I live to snap. But there’s something super special about having your portait taken by a professional photographer. And having your hair and makeup done professionally too. Which was why when I got the opportunity to participate in a Portrait Couture session with Simona Janek of gm photographics, I jumped at the chance. I just got the images back — and I’m oh-so-breathlessly happy with them! I just couldn’t wait to share. We shot four different “looks” (there are more pics to come) and strangely enough, my favourite series of images is the one where Simona and I allowed ourselves a bit more freedom in the brief and what the finished product would look like.

I had simply said “I want it to be more free” and sent her one of my favourite Pinterest boards, Daydreams & Whimsy, as inspiration. Simona was incredible in getting me to move: at times I almost felt like I was dancing, at others I felt like a mime, and at yet others I felt quite awkward. I know myself when I’m trying to get a decent shot for Instagram or twitter, I can take loads before I get a good one, so the fact that Simona did all this with me (read: totally awkward and definitely-not-a-model) was even more impressive.

During the shoot, I became hyper-aware of my body, the way I was standing and what I was doing with my face. I’m certain that I had my directions backwards for almost the entire session, since Simona kept using the phrase “your other left”, but we got there in the end. I am so happy with the finished product, it’s wonderful to have actual prints in my hands for a change… and I picked up a few little tricks for posing for the camera too!

* Relax your face by smiling softly, or by blowing some air out through your lips
* Keep your body at an angle to the camera and put your weight on your back foot to slim down your hips
* Hold your head level, then drop your chin and push it forward. It’s a bit like impersonating a turtle, but it enlogates the neck and gets rid of a potential double chin
* If you’re sitting, scoot forwards on the chair a bit to make your legs look longer
* The good old hand on the hip is a favourite for a reason: it draws the eye towards your waist, ultimately stretching you out.

Wearing: White Dress – Thrifted, Floral Garland – by Adrienne, Nails – Face of Australia Pro Colour Nail Enamel in Cool Cotton.

For more info, or to book your beautiful selves into a Portrait Couture session of your very own, check out the Portrait Couture website. I highly recommend it, it’s a wonderful treat, perfect for a gift, or a “just because” reason to spoil yourself.

Happy Friday all, I hope you have an amazing weekend!
Rosie xox

All images are property/courtesy of gm photographics – Portrait Couture.

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Portrait Couture

I was treated to a portrait session today. It’s strange, despite all the cameras and smartphones we have in our lives, a professional portrait seems to be just as valuable as it always was. Simona Janek of gm photographics has her portrait couture studio in Macquarie Street Leichhardt. Not only did she do my hair and makeup, she was also my photographer for the day!

Simona created a gorgeous, sophisticated smoky eye look for me, which was perfect to give a bit of a fashion and beauty edge to my professional portraits. You all know how much I love eyeliner: it just wouldn’t have been me all nude and natural. She also did an incredible job on my brows, which I was super impressed with, since I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to them.

Simona used Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Camouflage Concealer and eyeliner on me, and M.A.C eyeshadows, contour, blush and lipsticks. My portrait couture session was a blast, I must say I’ve never been so conscious of my own body and face before! By the end of it Simona said I was moving and taking direction like a pro, small but constant movements, waiting for the shutter and then moving again. I can’t wait to share more shots with you (plus all the sneaky tips I picked up for taking a great photo!)

If you’ve got a special birthday, anniversary, or occasion coming up, why not have a special portrait session done to celebrate it? And yes, you DO deserve that professional headshot you’ve always wanted. For more information on Portrait Couture (and some really killer before and after pics) visit

And stay tuned for more pics very soon!

Rosie xox

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