A Glossy Box of Goodies

Imagine if you got a goodie bag once a month. Guaranteed. And delivered to your doorstep. That’s how I see beauty boxes. As a swoon-worthy, beautifully wrapped box of goodies! There’s some debate in beauty blogging circles as to their usefulness and value. But I personally love them! And if you’re not a beauty blogger and you don’t work for one of the big glossy magazines (and are therefore not accustomed to goodie bags on a regular basis), I honestly think you’ll love them too. So when the gorgeous ladies at Glossybox asked if I’d like to try their March box, I jumped at the chance.

I adore mail. Even more, I adore pretty mail! And you can’t get much prettier than Glossybox. Not only is it pretty, it’s really big! I actually let out a squeal of delight when the somber postal worker handed me my mail on the weekend. The ‘unboxing’ is a task to be relished. Savour the box, the ribbon and the perfectly packaged tissue paper.

This box is destined for my gift-wrapping cupboard, to be bestowed upon someone special with a lovely surprise inside.

The box comes with a handy little guide, offering additional information on the products enclosed.

And you’ll also find extra information (and even the occasional special offer) from some of the beauty brands involved. Who doesn’t love a discount?

First impression? Wowzers! It’s absolutely packed! And all the products are good sizes too! I know bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better, but it feels like there’s a lot in here. My first product sample was a full-sized (100g) Dencorub Extra Strength Heat Gel.

Not necessarily technically a beauty product, but in my house this went straight into regular rotation. I’m an exercise junkie. I cycle and lift weights at least three times a week and I’ve been using Tiger Balm to sooth my tired biceps and deadline induced neck pain. This is SO much better. It works faster and it smells much nicer too. Mmmm menthol-y!

Next up, a 150g Proactiv Cleansing Bar. I’m pretty picky about what products go near my face, but I decided to give this a try anyway. Salicylic Acid is a key ingredient and it’s great for clearing blocked pores and gently exfoliating. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t dry my skin too much and left my face feeling refreshed and clean, without that ghastly tight feeling.

On my schedule, I practically worship dry shampoo. This one is an extra-gentle spray, which is handy for super quick application. Spray, brush and go. It actually left my hair quite glossy and deliciously voluminous. Dry shampoo is also super-handy for dirtying up freshly washed hair and adding a big of va-va-voom. This will definitely get used quickly.

KMS California is one of my favourite brands for hair products. Free Shape is a heat protector spray and heat styling aid. (Brownie points for doing double duty.) This little baby is ah-may-zing! My straightener just glided through my hair, which has never looked so glossy, felt so soft or looked so smooth and shiny after an at-home straightening. This gem is now sitting proudly among my regular hair care products (some of which have been benched thanks to its awesomeness.) I will be buying myself a full sized version ASAP.

I go through toner like nobody’s business. This one is formulated for dry and very dry sensitive skin, whereas my skin type is more combination to oily. But it’s refreshing, it smells wonderfully clean and slightly fruity and it does a great job of removing the last remnants of my long-lasting foundation and freshening up my skin in preparation for moisturiser.

Lovely and light, my skin just soaks this up. It smells fresh and creamy and doesn’t leave an oily residue. Definitely an ideal day cream or light body moisturiser. It’s currently being carried around in my handbag because this cold weather is drying my skin like crazy and I hate the feeling of having to wash my hands after applying moisturiser. It’s a keeper.

Last up is a cute pink ‘power balancing’ bracelet that supposedly helps to support strength and flexibility. Hmmm. I don’t know about that. But I’m willing to give it a try! Besides which, it’s pink, it looks super-cute on my arm and it goes well with my current arm party fetish. Any additional strength, balancing, energy or radioactive super-powers are just a bonus! (Call me an optimist, but hey, if it gives me a little boost or makes me think that I’ll have a bit of extra energy for the day, then where’s the downside?)

Ultimately, I’m impressed. Glossybox is certainly worth a try. It’s pretty, big and jam-packed. If you feel like getting a guaranteed goodie bag delivered to your doorstep once a month, I say go right ahead!

Each box can be tailored to suit your unique beauty personality, just update your beauty profile, choose the types of products you’d like to receive and they’ll send you a different selection based on your needs.

Glossybox is available for just $14.95 a month (with free delivery) from www.glossybox.com.au, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Have you tried a beauty box? What did you think? What’s the BEST beauty box product you’ve ever received?

Rose xox

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p.s. Per my disclosure policy, the March Glossybox was sent to me for editorial review. The fact that I didn’t pay for it with my own cash has not affected my opinion.