Coral Fever – Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour

Every now and then you stumble across a goldmine. Recently I discovered Maybelline‘s new Colour Sensational Lipcolour (RRP $16.95) range had a special range of corals.
I swatched the entire palette, top to bottom: 410 Mandarin Fizz, 515 Coral Crush, 440 Coral Fire, 420 Coral Pop, 416 Coral Fever.

I ended up buying Coral Fever, the most coral-ly of all. The image above shows the colour quite accurately.

Here’s a swatch of the colour with flash.
 And without flash
The colour is closer to that represented with the flash. The texture is beautifully creamy, it feels lovely on and my lips feel moisturised. The slight pearl in the colour gives your lips a lovely sheen and a bit of extra volume too. Here it is on my lips (with flash).
And without flash.
The colour lasts beautifully, it will give you a solid two hours. It lasted nearly three for me… until you decide to eat or drink something. But you know what? I don’t mind reapplying lipstick. Isn’t that half the fun?

I absolutely adore this colour, it’s perfect for summer, it really makes your (fake) tan pop, makes your teeth look whiter and it’s a great way to liven up any day of the week! As I’m sure you all know, coral is hot hot hot for summer, so if you feel like easing into the trend, lipstick or nail polish is a great way to do it.
So lovelies, have you made any gorgeous colour discoveries lately? Are you rocking the coral trend? Or rocking a different one? Let me know!